Trading With Pivots Indicators

The charts you see below are embedded charts to display how the indicators look on the Tradingview platform. No, they are not videos, the play button is a trick, don't fall for it! :)

Premium Indicators

Standard Fibonacci Pivot Points

Fibonacci Pivot Points are a technical indicator that is used to determine the levels at which price may face support or resistance. It consists of a pivot point (P) level and several support (S) and resistance (R) levels." It is an excellent leading indicator that provides guide rails for future trading periods.

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Automatic Risk to Reward Pivot Points

This indicator activates the Fibonacci Pivots Points by providing answers to two essential questions when preparing to put on your next trade — when to get in a trade (entry) and when to get out of the trade (stop loss & take profit). Visually seeing these levels ensures that each trade is taken with risk in mind FIRST. At the end of the day trading is all about risk management.

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Higher Timeframe Pivot Points

This script displays the nearest support and resistance pivot point levels from the higher timeframes -- weekly, monthly, and yearly levels. It is useful to be aware of significant price levels (aka levels of interest) of the traders/investors participating on larger timeframes. These are great tool for finding confluence and/or gaining extra conviction on your trades.

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Position Size Display

Position sizing is the greatest secret to top trading and investing success. - Van Tharp (Definitive Guide to Position Sizing)

Based on your account balance the Position Sizing Display will display your desired risk per trade in dollars, and position size (in shares, contracts, or lots) per trade relative to the pivot point entry level, entry & stop loss price levels.

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Market Trend Display

This script displays the market type as described by Brian Shannon — Stage 1: Accumulation, Stage 2: Uptrend, Stage 3: Distribution, and Stage 4: Decline — based on exponential moving averages (you can hide them also). Market conditions should influence the choice of trading system one plans to trade and when to trade that system. System performance WILL vary in different market types, best to be aware.

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Basic Indicators

Chart Period Breaks

This script plots historical and one future vertical line of the higher timeframe period time mark of your choosing along with the ability to create alerts that ping on the opening of the new bar and during the market session of the chosen timeframe that you have selected. These lines have many practical uses such as know identifying highs and lows of larger bars, fencing off noise, or manual entries for trend continuations.

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Net Bar Close Countdown

This script displays the time remaining for your charts current timeframe or a higher timeframe with the ability to create alerts that ping on the opening of the new bar that you have selected. It can be very easy to get bogged down in the charts when day trading on smaller timeframes and forgetting that it is the wave of longer timeframe traders that are setting the tone.

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